Wunsche HS Animation & Multimedia Students Tour epic studio

The Woodlands, TX - April 25, 2003 -Students from the Carl Wunsche High School 3D Animation and Multimedia programs toured the production facilities of the epic software group and learned first hand how business and industry use the skills they are learning in school.  John Owen, the 3D Animation teacher at the school said "There is nothing like a field trip for our students to see that their school work is indeed relivant, and that it will provide them with the skills they need for future success". 

epic hosted 45 students and three teachers from the school.  Vic Cherubini, president of the epic software group, said "we have always been big supporters of Wunsche's Technology programs, and really enjoy working with their students."  Students from Wunsche High have opportunities to enhance academic and career success through participation in workplace learning activities, internships, mentorships, and/or cooperative learning programs. Students also earn college credit, therefore getting a head start on their post-secondary education.

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