Work Begins on the Interior Supports - Stairs and Window Frames

January 14, 2011 - This week we just about finished cutting out all of the common walls (only one more wall to go)!  With the common walls removed, we needed to add 2" x 2" x 1/8" steel columns to support the floors and ceilings.  It is amazing how "bouncy" the center of the floors between the containers are when the walls are removed. We had been using Triple S Steel for our red iron, but decided to look around and found another source (on Craigslist) that saved us some money.  Roger at SRS Steel Recycling Sales has a nice inventory and worked with us on the pricing for the tubing and 6" C channel we needed.

We then headed over to Triple S for the stairs. They have stair risers and supports all ready to go. The first job on the list was to build the platform for the second floor landing. Building the stairs was a challenge. It took us some time to make sure the rise and run of the stairs met the ADA codes, but the time spent was worth it since the stairs passed inspection later in the week. We used Sketchup to make sure our stair calculations were right. Adam built a jig to keep the spacing consistent and to speed up installation.  Once they got going, Adam and Mike got the stairs up quickly. After a couple of weeks of climbing ladders with our welding and cutting equipment, walking up the stairs was great. Being able to walk from container to container on the second floor was very cool.

Since we were at a point where we were going to do some serious welding, we wanted to make sure that our work to date was in compliance with all ADA codes.  George Harris is the ADA Engineer we are working with, and he was happy to make a trip to the job site to check things out.  We did a walk through with George of the interior and exterior of the building, and reviewed our plans for the upcoming work.  He pointed out a couple of things we needed to fix that were minimal (one of our second floor supports was not 6'8" off the ground, so we will just reposition and weld it so we will be good to go.

We also made a quick trip to Home Depot and got some 4' x 8' T&G (Tongue and Grove) 3/4" OSB board for the floors of containers 3&4 on the second floor.  We also got some 6 mil (heavy duty) polyethylene that will serve as a vapor barrier under the OSB decking.  Later this week we will install the floors and wall studs.

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