Wingo Service Company, Inc.


Wingo Service Company, Inc. founded by Edgar “Bill” Wingo in 1989 is a recognized leader in the industrial controls market.  With over 50 employees, and a large production facility in Spring, Texas, their website had become outdated and did not genuinely reflect the size of the company or the scope of their service offerings.  Their website needed more than a simple updating – it needed to be completely rebuilt.  In 2018, Bill Wingo’s son, Edgar Jr. was brought into the company with the mandate of taking the company to the next level.  His first job was to rebuild their website. We met with Edgar Wingo Jr. to understand his objectives.  He wanted their new website to define their online presence, to make it easier for their current customers, potential customers, potential employees and current employees to find out about their company and their range of services.


Prior to our first meeting, we sent Edgar Wingo Jr. a questionnaire asking him about his industry, his competition, websites he liked, and several other questions.  Together, we began to formulate what this website would look like.   In order to come out with a solution, we created a flowchart and a table of contents based on the content of their old site. After several rounds of changes, we “froze” the flowchart and began building the site.  With the budget established for this project, we opted to use Wordpress as the Content Management System.  This would allow them (after the initial site was built) to modify and add content to their website as necessary (without the need to return to epic). They selected a full-featured template that had all the features they were looking for and that their other competitors' websites had. We then added several customized featured to the site that really helped it stand out from the competition.  We also offered them a professional photography service on location, making their website pictures original and unique. Unlike the old site, the new site is completely responsive and looks great on every device from a smartphone, to a tablet, a laptop, and desktop monitor.  The site took 9 weeks from concept to completion and was delivered on time and in budget.  The new website can be visited at 

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Wingo Service Company Inc. - Main Page

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