Wild Well Control, Inc.


Wild Well Control, Inc. has delivered firefighting, well control and related engineering services to the world's oil and gas industry since 1975. . Although they are well known for their firefighting and blowout expertise, WWCI recently added training to its list of services. Their Well Control Training provides the most advanced well control school available to the industry. To distinguish WWCI from the competition, management decided that their course content (specifically their graphics and animations) would be second to none.


  • epic assisted Wild Well Control with the "Everygreen Manual" a technical compilation of the latest advances in Well Engineering Services. epic modified the original source code of this SML/Flash application to meet the company's new standards.
  • epic software worked with the members of the training department and the field engineers at WWCI to understand the concepts they needed to teach in class, and developed a series of storyboards to illustrate their services.
  • epic used these storyboards to create "animatics" which are storyboards in motion, or rough animations.  Animatics are used to insure that the timing and flow of the story are correct.
  • epic then produced full HD quality animations that are used in classroom presentations to teach students the finer points of well control.


  • Wild Well Control has continued to call on epic to produce hi-quality 2D and 3D animations, illustrations and programming for a variety of multimedia and online applications.

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