Web Site Questionnaire

So you want a new web site, or need a redesign of your current site?  Before any web development company can give you a price, you must first define what it is you need.  We found that the best way to achieve this is to use the form below to get some basic questions answered.  Client input is the foundation of all successful projects. In the process, we will learn more about your company, products and services, and you will learn more about what is needed to bring your web site to life.    

1) Explain your project in general - what functionality do you want your site to have? What content will you require? How much input do you expect from us?

Not sure what you need? No problem - indicate that you are interested in evaluation services, which can range from a simple assessment of the current situation to an extensive strategic process that includes market research and focus groups. If you have a web site, please provide us with the URL address.

2) Goals - What are the overall goals for your web site?

It could be as simple as a wish to keep up with the competition or a more ambitious rebranding effort to appeal to an increasingly younger, internet-savvy customer base. Web sites can be anything from a simple bill board to a compilation of complex applications that a company uses to run its business.

3) What are the measurable goals of the project?

You might need to retain and generate new customers, add features to enable you to improve your sales process efficiency. Do you want to improve the way you address frequently asked questions? Need to reduce the number of click users have to make to access the top content on the site? The important thing is to know what you want to accomplish - we will work with you to define what steps will be taken to measure the agreed-upon goals, or what will need to be developed or monitored to measure the results set by the goals of the project.

4) Where will the site be hosted?

Will you be using our hosting services, your own in-house server or a third-party Internet Service Provider? 

5) Explain how the website integrates into your organization's overall marketing strategy –

Please describe the profile of the typical person who will be accessing your site for company information?  Do you have any brochures or other printed information we can see to get a better understanding of your company and the people you serve?

6) Special Features - Explain any special features or functionality that you want to incorporate into the new website

Examples:  Databases, forms, multimedia (3D or 2D animations, video, audio), email marketing, discussion forums, a WIKI, content management systems (CMS) or e-Commerce.

7) Are there any forms that will need to be developed?

Example: Contact forms, secure loan applications, shopping carts? If so, will the data need to be stored in a database?  Will reports be needed (if so, please list them)? 

8) Site Maintenance -

Who will maintain the website? What aspects of the site will need to be developed for website administration (content, databases, etc)?

9) Content - What content will be provided to epic software group, inc. for the design of the site, and in what file format (PDF, Word, jpeg, BMP, etc.)?

  • Copywriting
  • Programming
  • Images (existing photos of staff/offices/etc. and any corporate artwork, such as logos, may need to be scanned or re-shot for digital use)
  • Keywords
  • Gif or Banner ads

 10) Site Comparisons

  • Name 3 of your local competitors
  • List their websites
  • List what you like/don't like about their sites
  • Identify any 3 websites you like (not necessarily in your industry)
  • Describe what you like/don't like about them


Having determined the scope of the project and the requirements for getting it done, we can better decide if your resources are adequate to achieve your goals.  Do you have a specific budget range already established for this project? Can this project be divided into phases to accommodate budget and timing constraints?

12) Timeline

When do you want/need to go live? Are there any other outside considerations we need to be aware of (trade shows, PR launch, Annual Report, etc.) We'll work with your site ready to go on time and on budget.