TRUEGRID - Permeable Pavers


TrueGrid permeable pavers are designed to be an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paving methods. TrueGrid is 99 % storm water permeable and with the proper sub base and fill can eliminate the need for expensive drainage systems and retention ponds. TrueGrid was designed for parking lots, well sites, roadways, residential driveways, pathways, heavy equipment storage, truck yards, muddy event parking and emergency vehicle access.

TrueGrid hired epic to document a project they were awarded for the parking lot of the St. Arnolds Brewery in Houston. This saved them a great deal of money from the costs associated with a concrete lot, and reduced runoff to the overloaded city systems. 

TRUEGRID - Permeable Pavers


Video Production, Houston - St. Arnold's Parking Lot

Corporate Video Production, Houston - TrueGrid Pavers

Commercial Video Production, Houston - St. Arnold's Parking Lot