The Ultimate Experience - My Epic Internship

 May 5, 2011 – While approaching graduation for the Digital Communication Program at Houston Community College, I was required to obtain an internship in the field of multimedia. Epic software group was my top choice for a multimedia internship. My research of epic's company profile, combined with references from several top multimedia designers made it the ideal place for an internship. After hearing about the stories and uninspiring experiences from fellow students about their internships I was a little skeptical .

After applying for several internships that met the curriculum criteria, I eventually applied for an internship at epic. I soon received a call from the company’s president Mr. Vic Cherubini to schedule an interview. During the interview Vic gave me an overview of epic's internship program, and together we came up with my “acid test”.  An “acid test” is an assignment to test specific skills in an area of study that both the student and epic are interested in. Vic and I agreed on a time limit for the test (I did mine over a weekend).  The test helps epic determine an intern's skill sets and if he or she is able to get a project done in the agreed to amount of time. 

After discussing both the overview and the objective of my “acid test”, I worked on a Flash based presentation that consisted of a “frame-by-frame” animation. It required me to demonstrate my object oriented programming (OOP) skills. The application also had to demonstrate a professional level of design. I completed the entire process in the time we agreed on, and was offered a formal internship at epic. Immediately, after my acceptance and the first given assignment I knew this wasn’t an ordinary internship.  

I can say that this has been an awesome internship here at epic because it has given me real experience working on meaningful projects. Part of my first assignment consisted of conducting software quality control on a major  company, one of epic's largest clients - CB&I. The assignment was not a trivial one. This project allowed me an opportunity to use my knowledge of the different forms of media in a unique fashion that a student wouldn’t normally conduct in school. We had to complete the project in time for a major trade show and the way the team at epic worked was truly amazing.

This was soon followed by another assignment to review an application and reverse engineer it. I had to figure out how it was created and report back on how I would advise epic to produce similar results.  Again, this was a project which I wouldn’t normally be assigned to do in a traditional class.

In my latest assignment, I was instructed to create an “e-Learning“ application. During the process, I had an opportunity to conduct research on some very valuable and important information concerning “e-Learning” and the challenges that it may create for the more traditional educational practices.

An article that I reviewed while doing my research of note, is Bill Gates and his support for “e-Learning.” All this research created a “mental buzz” in my thoughts about the way technology, information, and education combined is shaping the future of the world of which I refer to as a “Tech Buzz”. This information was incorporated into a presentation Vic made to a prospective client. 

I would like to thank Vic and the rest of epic for creating a wonderful experience for me as a student while working with professionals in a production environment. 


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