The McKay Foundation


In 1995 McKay Everett, 12, was taken from his Conroe, Texas home, held for ransom, and then murdered by a trusted neighbor and friend.  The neighbor, Hilton Crawford - "Uncle Hilty", lead police to his body in a in a remote Louisiana swamp.  Crawford was convicted and sentenced to death for the boy's murder. 

Paulette Everett, McKay's mom, said the abduction and murder created "a gigantic void" in her life.  Paulette Everett, was a second grade teacher and she was determined to fill the void by doing everything she could to prevent abductions of other children. 

She started The McKay Foundation so that our boys and girls receive age-appropriate, nonthreatening education.  Her mission is and remains to educate children about adults who they may know and trust, and the fine line between trust and a dangerous situation.  The challenge - "How do we explain to the boys and girls that someone they love could harm them?"


Paulette Everett created a series of books that in an age appropriate way, teach young children about the threats around them.  The themes for these books include:

  • Being Careful About Opening your Door for Strangers
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Innappropriate Touch
  • How to Deal With Bullies

The McKay Foundation turned to epic to take these books and bring them to life in full featured web animations that could be viewed by children all over the world.


The epic software group worked with Invectra to create a series of animated cartoons which include:

  • A Good Place Inside of Me (Building Self-Esteem.)
  • The Great Big Giant Looming Secret (Inappropriate Touch)
  • The Meanest Girl in Second Grade! (Bullying)

Click the links above to view the animations.


"Thank you for the work you and your staff have done with these stories - A GOOD PLACE INSIDE OF ME, THE GREAT BIG GIANT LOOMING SECRET and THE MEANEST GIRL IN SECOND GRADE. I am impressed and pleased with your work - it is EXCELLENT and feel very blessed to have all of you working with the McKay Foundation."

Biggiant1 large

Biggiant2 large

Biggiant3 large