The Cleanup Work Begins - Days 2 and 3 - Gut, Remove Clean and Dehumidify

January 29, 2011 -On Saturday morning the cleaning crews from Blackmon Mooring arrived in mass. At times there were at least 25 people working on all areas of the building. The company was also hired by Silver Rock Productions to clean their offices (first and second floor). They did a really good job by removing the small objects and cleaning them by hand. The walls and furniture were cleaned and the rugs shampooed. The air ducts were also cleaned. 

They also have an technician who is an expert with cleaning and servicing electrical equipment. They cleaned the Silver Rock computers, and he looked at some of the epic gear that was in the studio and just feet from where the fire started. On Friday I took some photos with the camera and photo gear and many of the photos were out of focus. The technician said the electronics in the equipment were compromised by the smoke and heat, and they will all be declared a loss. We will meet with the Hartford adjuster tomorrow to determine the amount of loss.

On Sunday the crews returned and finished taking down the Sheetrock from the remaining walls and the ceiling in the studio. There was enough debris for another dumpster load, but they were not able to locate an available one, so they carted it off in their trucks. Late in the day, the crews finished their work inside the studio, and tacked up some plastic sheeting on the building exterior. They set up ozone machines in the building and will keep the machines turned on throughout the night.

On Monday we will call in contractors and begin getting estimates on the cost to repair the building. We will meet with the adjuster and determine the loss and a plan to begin the repairs. One factor they use to determine value is the age of the item in question. Since the building has only been in use for 6 months that should be easy. What is not easy is watching the crews tear out a hardwood floor on Saturday morning that had just been put in on Thursday afternoon.

While the clean-up crews worked inside the building, Adam and Cliff worked on putting a profile on the Fuzeglass counter top in the summer kitchen. The router bits, grinding pads, adhesives and equipment we got from Toolocity were easy to use and the counter top is looking awesome. We will finish it up on Monday, and we will be posting a blog entry on the step-by-step procedure we used for the edge work. The good news is that this is not as difficult to do as you might think. They key is to take your time, and work carefully. I think you will be impressed with the results.

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