Tagging Along with SilverRock at the Schmidt Tools Video Shoot

January 30, 2013 - Willis, Texas - We had a chance to follow SilverRock Studios around while they shot footage for an instructional video for the guys at Schmidt Tools. The video will outline installation instructions for use with their R.I.P. Steady Rest equipment that they manufacture and sell, from their Willis, TX plant. We will be creating the companion web site for the R.I.P. Steady Rest, so our time was spent taking much needed photos, and picking the brains of Schmidt Tool’s Bill, James, and Ted. It is always a pleasure meeting with these guys, and they are a wealth of information in the Steady Rest and machining fields.

The day started with us arriving at Amtech’s show room in Houston, TX. The facility was breathtaking and we quickly found some great pieces of equipment to shoot. SilverRock arrived soon after and we assisted them in setting up the equipment they would be using for the photo shoot. The Schmidt Tools Steady Rest was installed into a Doosan Puma 400L and prepped for the shoot. SilverRock came to play, and it showed in the equipment they brought along with them. Among those things were a sophisticated Jib and a few Go Pro cameras. These would provide dramatic over head shots and interesting inner cabin footage that could never be had with everyday camera equipment.

After we helped SilverRock settle in, we began pulling the remaining R.I.P. units to the side so that we could get some product photos for the web site. The lighting in the show room was superb so we took the opportunity to get some shots of the Schmidt guys with the products aw well. Make sure to take some time, to go through the photo gallery, so you can see some examples of what we went home with.

In-between photo sets, we asked questions about the equipment and manufacturing process. This gave us tons of information to place into the new site, and will make for a full and informative experience when someone visits the completed page.

The Schmidt Tools R.I.P. Steady Rest is a thing of machining beauty, and now, with the knowledge and photos we have, we can showcase the equipment the way it deserves to be seen.


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