Summer 2018 Intern – Keith Marchell

After graduating Art School, I lacked the required work experience to find a job as a 3D Artist. I needed to find a place that could grant me real-world experience and the ability to build my portfolio. I saw an internship position available at Epic Software and thought it would be the perfect solution to my predicament. This was evidently the case due to the fact that during my interview with Mr. Vic, the CEO of Epic Software, I was already presented with an interesting opportunity. Mid interview, Mr. Vic introduced me to one of his tenants, Tyler, who was the president of a company that specialized in oil refinery inspections. Tyler wanted to implement a new staircase in his office, but was having trouble visualizing how it would effect the office space he had available. To prove my skills, I was tasked with helping them design the staircase in a 3D program. After a week of working with them to perfect the design, I had a project that would impress both companies.

With my skills demonstrated, I got into the internship at Epic and the opportunity to do contract work designing oil refinery equipment for Tyler. My first contract assignment was to model and texture a distillation column for an educational info-graphic. This would be my first professional contract assignment, and I was uncertain on how to handle such a project with a client. Mr. Vic helped me understand the proper way to work with a client and the most professional way to demonstrate my work. Tyler was satisfied with my work on the distillation column, so he presented me with progressively more challenging contracts to work on.
While I was learning how to become a better independent, freelance artist, Mr. Vic presented the Epic Software office with a company project. We were to model, texture and animate a scene demonstrating the agricultural benefits of genetically modified, microbial bacteria. I was designated the lead 3D artist to manage two other interns in the completion of this project. Even though animation wasn't my strong suit and I knew very little about microbiology, I was able to adapt and work with the client and team to produce a 4 minute video. On top of modeling and animating, I had to learn how to use a new texturing program and delegate work to the interns that best match their skill-sets. This was a valuable experience, as I learned how to work on a team to complete a project out of my comfort zone by applying the knowledge obtained from art school.
The second company project went a bit differently. Our objective was to promote a children's book by animating its main character, a dog named Turbo. This time I was specifically in charge of modeling of the dog, while the other interns were delegated to texturing and animating. Modeling was the first part of the process completed, so after I finished the modeling process, I mentored the interns on everything I knew about unwrapping, texturing, rigging and animating. It was very rewarding to see the progression of skills in an intern as they learn a new skill throughout a project.
The work experience I've gained throughout my time at Epic Software Group was invaluable, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to participate in such a program.

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