Summer 2017 Intern - Will Kuglen

Internships are  an important experience for college students to pursue in order to find a job after graduation. Since I just finished my second year at college, I thought this summer would be the perfect time to find an internship. When applying to other companies, I noticed a lot of companies preferred or required prior experience, which I did not have. However, I was delighted to find epic software had intern positions for people with differing levels of experience. After I applied, I had a brief phone conversation with Vic, which led to an onsite interview and later an internship offer.

When I started working at epic in June, I started to work on projects right away. The first project I worked on was creating a browser-based, instructional video game that allowed players to explore a virtual drill rig site. The project was originally created for the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) as a downloadable application. Recently epic decided to move the game to the Internet so it could be played in a web browser and be used by more people. As a student studying computer science, I was initially assigned to program part of the game in C# and Unity 3D. Outside of programming, I am also interested in art and design, which led me to optimize the 3D models after we finished building the software for the game. I learned how to use Autodesk 3DS Max, a program for animating and editing 3D models, to edit the models and their textures. Despite being new to the program, other team members offered their assistance, which allowed me to be successful.

The second project I worked on was developing photogrammetry models. Photogrammetry is the process where many photographs are taken of an object from different angles to produce a three-dimensional model of the object. I spent the majority of my time exploring the process to find the most efficient method of producing the models. After the models were built, I contributed to the design and development of a website to display photogrammetry models and map out the locations of the statues of The Woodlands. While my internship ended before the final product was complete, I learned a lot about and became interested in photogrammetry, which I would not have found had I not worked at epic.

When I first applied to epic, I was hesitant because I did not know if epic was the right fit for me. Looking back, I am really glad I applied and decided to work here. As far as first internships go, working at epic taught me a lot in a short period of time. I worked on problems I never thought I would work on and problems I didn’t know existed. I got the opportunity to work in a small, but well established, company. (How many people can say they know the names of everyone in their office?) I also picked up a few business skills by observing Vic’s interactions with customers. My advice to prospective interns, especially those that are hesitant, would be to apply to epic because you will definitely pick up a new skill or strengthen one you already had. Regardless of where you intern, I would suggest using the time to learn as much as you can, especially about new and different topics.

I am really thankful that I got to work at epic software this summer. It was a fantastic opportunity and a great start to my professional career.

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