Silversand Services

Success Stories: Silversand Services

Silversand Services (formerly Komp Horticultural Services) is the parent company of The Backyard Company, Exterior Designs, and Interior Designs.  Silversand Services provides both residential and commercial landscaping, pool maintenance, holiday decoration and a variety of other property maintenance services.

Since the company serves a number of market segments, the objective was to create a landing page and a series of individual web sites that would allow a visitor to quickly find the exact service they desire. The company also needed a way to showcase their work in an easy to use and edit photo gallery.


  • Meet with management and determine the best way to communicate the services provided by each of the different divisions of the company.
  • Developed a landing page and three subsites that use a consistent design for all three sites.
  • Use a combination of company provided graphics, and photos to create a landing page and three web sites help the visitor quickly determine which company to call on for the services they need. .
  • Provided on-location photography of their premier landscaping and holiday decoration installations.
  • Build a Content Management System (CMS) backend that can be easily updated by anyone in the company with basic computer knowledge.
  • Provided hosting and ongoing maintenance of the site.


  • Delivered the landing page and three company sites that provides an integrated look across all three companies.
  • Delivered custom photography of their interior and exterior landscaping as well as their Holiday Decoration services.

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