Siding and Deck Safety Rails Completed - Exterior Painting Work Begins

March 14, 2011 -This week we got the siding on the roof done, got the safety rails welded in place, and began the exterior painting.  It is wonderful to begin to do some of the "finish" work on the project.  Danny Spann (our Framer) came back to tackle the siding this week, and the R-panel roof (which is now on order) will be done next week.  He and his crew started by building some temporary scaffolding which they walk around like they were on the ground. We chose Hardi Cedarmill for the soffits and facia.  Hoisting these heavy cement panels up 30 feet in the air is hard work - add in a 10-15 mile an hour wind and it really becomes a challenge. It was a 4 day job, but it looked great when he drove off last week.

Adam turned his attention to welding the railings on the second floor balconies.  He added 2" x 2" tubular foot rails (people just love to rest a foot on the lower rail while leaning on the upper rail).  Alan then cleaned all the tubing with acetone, then gave it a primer coat using Glidden's Hydrosealer, followed by a coat of their industrial grade black enamel paint.  These paints were also used to paint the metal pipe locks we removed from the doors of the containers.  Both rolled on great, and dried quickly.  Even so, we will be giving all the surfaces a 2nd coat before the project is done.

Alan also finished most of the interior plumbing work.  We have some small fridge water lines that will need to go in next week, but the bulk of the interior plumbing is done. We designed the containers so that there would be a natural "room" in the rear we would use for a utility room.  In that room we will have our water and sewer lines exiting the building, our hot water heater, and possibly one of our HVAC units.

For the window above the sink in container 11, I picked out a curved window, and Adam made a frame that is simply a work of art.  The way he can work with metal and shape it as he likes is incredible.  We had AJ here this week and he used the plasma cutter to take some of the interior wall panels, and cut them to the size we'll need for the deck floor of the ADA ramp.  After these panels are laid in place, we will cover them with 2" of concrete to make a smooth surface for wheelchair access.

Project Engineer Ron Saikowski and our ever present Project Manager, David Cox of the Pinnacle Residential Group came by on Monday for a comprehensive review.  Ron was happy with our progress, but asked us to beef up the way the trusses are attached to the roof in the big room.  He asked us to use additional hurricane clips, and asked us to fabricate some clips that will be welded to the container and bolted to the truss supports. David came up with the idea for using the 1/2" bullet proof glass we have for a very special kind of sign for the building. Stay tuned for that one.

Mike Poole of Gulf Coast Graphics came by on Saturday morning with his bucket truck and he and Adam were able to get a primer coat, followed by a finish coat on all the soffit and fascia areas.  The timing was perfect, since we did not have to worry about over-spraying onto the Galvalume R-Panel roof (which is scheduled to be installed next week).  Charlie Derrisaw, a salesman from Triple S Steel, came by on Friday afternoon to work with Danny to insure that we had the right measurements for the roof materials.  Charlie has helped me on several other projects over the years, and is highly recommended if you need steel in the Houston area. 

With the balcony rails painted, we turned our attention to adding the wire rope supplied by South West Wire Rope.  President Mitch Hausman cut us a super deal on some small rolls of materials that were perfect for our job. We placed the wire rope 3.5" apart (closer than the 4" required by the national building codes).  It looks just great. Thanks Mitch! 



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