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September 24, 2009 - In doing research on container structures, I have come across a number of excellent reference items, Articles, photos, videos, and other things that I wanted to assemble in one spot and share with others. You may want to bookmark this page since it will grow as I find more information for it.

Online Articles -

Shipping Containers + Milk Crates = Cratehouse - Take two shipping container for the first floor and combine them with hundreds of milk crates for the second floor, and you have a really cool structured designed as a functional meeting place.  Very colorful - really more of a sculpture then a building, there are 25 Cratehouses around the world. Here you can see a slide show of the Cratejpise in Castleford, UK.

Now Shipping to a Site Near You: Cargo Container Offices- This Providence, Rhode Island called the Box Office project takes 32 cargo containers - most of which measure 40 feet long by 8 feet wide and 9.5 feet high - and combines them into a 10,000-square-foot office building located in a gentrifying neighborhood on the city's west side. Insulation - spraying walls with a 2.5-inch layer of foam and, leaving a half-inch plenum, installing batt insulation finished with sheetrock. Other enhancements, such as high-performance windows and air-to-air heat pumps, mean Box Office will consume 25 percent less energy than a traditional building - includes nice photo slide show.

OFFGRID SPACE lands at UHGBC Exhibition - METALAB build and distribute converted shipping containers into disaster relief centers, triage/medical offices, security stations, parks & recreation spaces, sales centers, educational centers and construction field offices.  This site shows the step by step process.  I shot some photos of the prototype unit - see September 11, 2009 epic blog entry.

TreeHugger Picks: Shipping Containers Do More Than Ship
More on Shipping Container Housing
Container Condo To Be Built In Detroit - Conceptual design of a large condo unit in detroit - talk about using "Insulating Paint"
Port-a-Bach Shipping Container Holiday Home
FutureShack by Sean Godsell
Shipping Container PreFab

Shipping Container Funhouse From Phooey Architects
More on Shipping Container Housing
More on Shipping Container Housing
Port-a-Bach Shipping Container Holiday Home
Ecopods: Shipping Container Housing Available Now - with video - provides information on insulation. The floors are recycled rubber tires. He cuts out an entire side wall and hinges it, so when you want to leave your ecopod you simply flip a switch and a solar powered winch pulls up the deck and closes up the box

Shipping Container House - Wellington, New Zealand - They are not conventional steel containers; with their smooth skins, they may have been "reefers" or refrigerated containers - stacked 3 high on a steep mountain side.

Spray on Insulation - does it work on shipping containers? - DeMaria insulates the shipping containers with "ceramic insulation" - a spray or paint on system "developed by NASA" that the supplier claims addresses "all three modes of heat transfer- Radiated, convected and conducted."

Spacebox - equipped to function as a compact studio residence, complete with kitchen, shower and toilet. There's a large window on one end and the entryway on the other. The units are equipped with a boiler, mechanical ventilation and electrical heating.

Shipping Container Prefab

Container City's Projects


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