Seeing Your Work in Unexpected Places…

August 25, 2009 - There is always a feeling of serendipity when I'm thumbing through a trade magazine, surfing the web, or watching TV and come across an illustration, photo or animation epic created, and now see it actually being used in context.  Sometimes, we work weeks or months on an assignment, turn it over to the client, and never see how it was actually used. 

That happened recently when the latest issue of Drilling Contractor landed on my desk. While looking through it, I came across an illustration we did for BJ Services for their DirectStim product ("provides acid stimulation for broader payzone coverage"). We were commissioned to create the illustration for their Annual Report and for corporate sales presentations, so we were happy to see it was also being used in the trade press.

3D software is perfect for Illustrating a complex tool or system in an underground environment. If you can imagine it, we can pretty much create it (budget considerations are also an important factor). We spent a good deal of time with the marketing manager at BJ trying to understand how DirectStim works, then, worked with one of their engineers to insure we had it accurately depicted in our illustrations. Now that we have the 3D model of the tool, built the formation, created the texturing and lighting, we are ready to go to the next step - animation. Hopefully, as the energy industry stabilizes and returns to full health, we will have an opportunity to bring this illustration to life.

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