Real Estate Agent Uses Video Tours to Sell Homes

The Woodlands, Texas - June 30, 2006 -Woodlands real estate agent Alan Cagle is pioneering the use of online video tours to offer a new level of service to his prospective home buyers and sellers. Real estate video tours allow the user to view a full video tour of the property along with an audio voice narration by the broker. These videos feature high quality sales information and carefully crafted scripts with beautiful imagery. Live motion video provides the viewer with an understanding for the property that is just not possible from still photography or 360 degree virtual tours. Best of a prospective buyer can view the listing from the comfort of their home.

Cagle understands that a client shopping for a new home wants to see and know everything about a prospective property before making a buying decision. They want to understand their options, and preview as many available properties in as short a time as possible. Most buyers find that the pictures, data and information on a website may not provide them with a true feel for the property. While nothing beats a visit to the home, the inconvenience of scheduling a viewing of several potential properties can be sometimes be difficult. For out of state buyers trying to better understand the homes in a new local, a physical visit may not even be an option.

"I have looked at using 360 degree tours, and slide shows of the home, but I am convinced that nothing beats a professionally produced video tour. It's the next best thing to a site visit" said Cagle. Cagle surveyed his clients and found that most have access to high speed connections, cable modems or DSL - perfect for serving up these short video vignettes.

Cagle turned to Vic Cherubini, president of the epic software group, a 3D animation and multimedia production company located on Sawdust Road for help on his first video tour. Cherubini helped Cagle write a script and produce the five minute tour. Michael Wham, an apprentice videographer at epic shot the on-location video and did all of the post production work. Wham, who recently took first place in the documentary category at the Young Movie Makers Hollywoodlands Film Festival, strives to find unique camera angles to bring out the best in a home.

Epic priced the cost to shoot, edit and upload the real estate video tour at $300, about the same price agents now pay for a 360 virtual tour. The on-location video shoot can typically be done in less than 90 minutes, and the agent is typically cast as the on camera host providing the tour.

Vic Cherubini
epic software group, inc.
701 Sawdust Road
The Woodlands, TX 77380


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