R-Panel Roof Installation Begins

March 20, 2011 - Work began last week on the installation of the R-Panels for the roof. The industry trade name is "Galvalume" and they should provide us with years of service.  We purchased the materials along with all of the fasteners, flashing and trim from Triple S Steel. We had the panels cut to 27 and 28 feet in length so we would only have one overlap per panel.  The overlap on the panels were 12 inches, and under each panel is a strip of butyl rubber mastic tape placed there to insure that water would not work its way under the panels. 

At the ends of each panel we used a flexible rubber strip that matched the profile of the R-Panel.  This will help to keep bugs and driving rain out of the attic. Getting the panels up to the roof was a labor intensive task. To insure that the panels would not be damaged, one man on the roof hoisted the panel up, while two others on the ground pushed it up their respective ladders.  Luckily, wind was not a factor on any of the days of the build.

We also spent some time tearing out some door frames we put up because the French doors we were going to use were only 32" each, which is undersized for ADA codes. My comments to our ADA engineer was that we could just open both double doors and easily get a person in a wheelchair through the opening.  He said, the wheelchair bound person needs to be able to go through the door unassisted.  For French doors, he/she must be able to open both doors with one pull, and that pull has to be with less than 5 pounds of force.  This law resulted in unbudgeted costs of more than a thousand dollars.

We removed the remaining hardware on the outside of the building and gave each of the metal door pipes a coat of primer.  We are trying to figure out what color to paint the building and this is turning out to be more difficult than you might think.  Our roof is silver, the soffits and fascia are a charcoal color, and the upper walls will be silver.  Mike Huffine of Silver Rock suggested a dark blue which would go nice with silver (which happen to be his company colors).  We are going to get some paint samples and give it a try.

We met with an electrician today and are planning to do some underground trenching so we can get the power lines from the pole into the building.  At that time we are also planning to tie in the plumbing lines from the new building to the old building's lift station.

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