Progress on Landscaping, Trim, Picnic Table and Tiki Bar Area

October 16, 2011 - We continued our work this week by adding exterior trim, getting the picnic table and benches ready to be tiled and putting in some plants in the first phase of landscaping the property. We have also had several folks interested in leasing the space (even though we have not advertised it anywhere to date!).

We began work this week by taking up the 3/4" exterior plywood outside the 2nd floor of the Silver Rock Deck. Silver Rock wanted something special there, and we installed 6" exterior deck boards which look great. The plywood decking we removed was re-purposed for the picnic table and benches.  With this wood in place, the picnic table is ready for a tile top, and staying true to form, we found some awesome porcelain tile at Emser Tile in Spring for just $.79/sq. ft. (reduced from $3.50/sq. ft.) . We also used some recycled brick pavers and AC unit bases for the floor of our outdoor kitchen.

Work also continued work on the trim around the building, and remain amazed at the things you can do with ACM panels . While they were not part of the original design for the building, they have quickly become the focal point on many of the interior and exterior elements. This week we wrapped a number of exposed steel beams, and completed the ceiling of the entry to the Silver Rock space.

We had the use of the skid loader for another week and used it to move dirt around the property.  We took a little too much out of the driveway area, and on cue, we had 5 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. This resulted in some puddles, and it also became apparent that we have some work to do under the ramp (which we have begun calling the "Armadillo").  One nice thing that came out of the storm was a beautiful sunrise which I shot from the ground level and the second floor balcony.

Next week we will install the tile on the picnic table and benches, continue working on the outdoor kitchen, install some remaining trim and buy some 4' x 8' sheets of black Corroplast. Corroplast is the ribbed plastic used for small roadside signs. We will rip the sheets into 3/4" x 4' strips, and use these strips between the large panels on the east wall of the building.

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