Painting - Deck Work -Cyc Wall and Landscaping

September 5, 2011 - With the record high temperatures through the month of August behind us (30 out of 31 days over 100 degrees F), the first week of September continued with much of the same. The good news was by the end of the week a cool front has (finally) broken through a stalled high that has made working outdoors miserable for most of the summer. 

The work remaining on the building is now mainly decorative. This week we got most of the Cyc wall built, taped, floated and painted. Yesterday, we got the most difficult part of the wall built - the corner area where all the walls come together. It is very tricky, but Adam and Alan did a great job getting the angles perfect.  Two coats of white primer were used to seal the wall and Sheetrock. This wall is going to be awesome to shoot against - no seams - a real infinity wall.

We also got all of the wall panels up on the exterior ADA ramp.  This makes the area under the ramp secure and it will be a great place for storage. All of the materials used for the walls came from the steel we cut out from the common walls inside the building. It is a patchwork quilt, so we started to caulk all the seams in the ramp room.  While it will never be water tight, it will be wonderful to get some of the materials out of the inside of the building and safely stored here. We also gave the interior a partial coat of paint with some "oops paint" donated by the local Glidden store.

We did some work on the ramp this week including grinding down the handrail welds, and patching the seams and knot holes in the plywood on the deck.

The weather was nice enough on Sunday to do some landscaping work around the building. We would like to plant some shrubs and grass, but it has not rained n a month now and it would be very difficult to get anything planted to remain alive.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of being part of the epic Creative Co-Op is getting a chance to sit down with some very creative people and kicking around ideas. Scott of Silver Rock invited me in for a cup of his very special coffee. Scott is a master brewer and takes coffee to an entirely new level (at least for me).  In the kitchen he is like a mad scientist, giving special care to every step of creating (yes creating) a cup of Joe. We enjoyed a very strong cup and talked about a number of different things we are working on. This is the kind of unplanned interaction I am hoping will make working at the Co-Op really special. 

Next week we will finish the work on the Cyc wall, continue working on the storage area under the ramp, and begin the exterior decorative trim.

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