Oak Moldings, Fire Safety Equipment, Cyc Wall Construction, and Our First Photo Shoot in The Studio

July 17, 2011 - We started the week by updating and posting a check list of all the work remaining on the project. This 4 page sheet was divided into A, B and C list items. We need to get all of the A items on the list done before we can call our engineer back to sign off on the job. Once he signs off on it, we will send the sealed document to the Fire Marshall's office and set a time for them to come by for a review. The A items on the list include a number of safety code requirements (hand rails on the stairs, fully working entry way door, and fire extinguishers to name a few). B and C list items can be worked on after we get a certificate of occupancy that is required for Silver Rock Productions to move in.

For the past 5 months, every morning we would open the temporary OSB panel door that would become the main entry to the Silver Rock offices. This was a pain, but necessary because Silver Rock had plans for a very special entry way door, and there were always other more pressing jobs that had to be done. Last week we sent an ACM panel out to a local sign shop where they used a CRC router to cut out their logo. This week we got rid of the temporary door and the new entry door is now in place. Here is how it was done.

Adam began by building a custom threshold. He then used some 1" tubing to weld together the frame for the door. A tap and die set was used to secure the door hinges to the frame and to the metal door casing. Next the Alucomex aluminum composite panels (ACM) were attached to the frame. Finally, the lock was added to the door, and it works just great. In the next couple of weeks, we will add LED lights inside the door to back light the Silver Rock logo.

We met with Keith who is an expert lighting technician.Keith demonstrated two different types of LED lights which were nothing short of amazing. These new LED lights do not look anything light traditional incandescent lights. They come on a roll and are comprised of hundreds of small electronic components in a sequence. When Keith turned them on I was surprised to see just how bright they were. We intend to use these lights on the east wall of the building. We can then program the LED controller to do a number of different effects. Our goal is to turn the wall into a dynamic piece of sculpture.

We also began construction on the cyc (cyclorama) wall in the studio. A cyc is a walled background that incorporates one or more curved surfaces designed to create a background with no perceptible beginning or end. Some call it an infinity background because when built correctly it is virtually impossible to see where the floor ends and the wall begins.Our cyc wall goes up 3' around the north and west walls. The trickiest part of the wall will be the corner element where the walls meet. We were able to get all of the framing members for the cyc wall in place, and three of the panels in the upper corner section. Next week we will work on adding the remaining elements and finishing the edges so you will not be able to tell where the cyc ends and the walls/floors begin.

Another A list item we were able to check off this week was the installation of fire extinguishers. We met with an excellent vendor - Texas Hydrostatics - that helped us to understand exactly what was needed to meet code, and provided us with both new and used extinguishers that have all been certified and tagged. If you need extinguishers for your home or business I would highly recommend Matt Morgan from Hydrostatics (they have offices in Magnolia and Longview, Texas).

Last week we purchased over 500 feet of oak baseboards. This week we stained all of the wood, and installed it in the halls and bathrooms. Next week we will get carpets, and once they are installed, we will install the balance of the baseboards.

We added over 100 square feet of porcelain tile to the loft containers, and finished all the remaining grouting work early in the week. Eleven ceiling fans were installed in various parts of the building. We received the remaining exterior and interior lights which we need to pass the fire code inspection, and they will be installed next week.

We also had a chance to test out the new studio when a local ad agency called and asked us if we could help them with a photo shoot for one of their oil field clients. Their client company makes level controllers which are designed to measure the amount of liquid or gas in a large storage vessel. Most level controllers are 4-6 feet tall, but they had just designed a new one that measures over 12' when fully extended. Shooting a unit of this size would be very difficult in the past, but with the new studio, we suspended the level controller from a scaffold and shot it against the black wall. 

Even though the studio was filled with construction equipment, tools and supplies, the results of the photo shoot came out really great. It gave us a taste of things to come, and we are excited to get back to work next week.

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