Summer 2018 Intern - Cathy Zhang

This year, I thought about applying for summer internships to develope more skills in 3D animation field. Then my digital art teacher recommended me the Epic Software Group. I had two interviews with Vic, on the first one, Vic suggested me to study more in technical animations and using 3DS MAX as the main program. I have been working on game environmental designs with Maya and Zbrush in my past years, thus, technical animations gained my interest as something I never tried before.  I started to learn about 3DS MAX, which really extended my knowledge and understanding in 3D fields. 

A month later, after having the second meeting with Vic, I began to work as a intern at the month of June.  I was excited to have this opportunity working on 3D projects for companies. As a sophomore in high school, I am brand new in real work experiences and I regard this internship as important. 

Vic explained to me about one of their recent project. It was a 3D animation project for Sentinel Biologic Company. The scripts mainly discussed about a technology to help increase crop growth. By introduce bacteria into the soil, ions can be better absorbed by the plants roots. Then, crops would thrive in the soil.

The project was assigned to me and Keith, another intern. My part of the animation was a microscope view of how bacteria breaks the bonds between ions in the soil, then let them go into the plants roots. Through the four weeks of work, I figured out that it was not that easy. We discussed about details in the script, started the first rough animation and sent it to client. We met with the client and listened to him talking about his company's development, then we took notes on his feedbacks. We tried to match with the client's request, which needed us to made many changes to our animations toward the end result.  

I didn't only do the animation. Because of my experiences with After Effects, I was assigned with the task of video editing. Throughout the process of compositing, I gained more understanding in the technology expressed in the video. The content had to be simple to let everyone comprehend. After having the feedback from client of the latest version of the video, I felt finally relieved and proud of my own progress.


Here is a link to the video.


I really appreciated the experiences in Epic Software. I learned a lot of things that was different from school, which gave me deep impressions. By practicing animations and particle effects in the project, I got much more familiar with 3DS MAX. I also got a chance to learn blender in terms of making changes on the 3DS MAX animation. 

Look back at the month, I was afraid at first of this brand new experience. But now, I became more confident with myself. Thanks to Vic and Epic Software!