Summer 2016 Intern - Wei Jin

An internship is very important for anyone wants to work in the creative field. However, the sluggish economy doesn't help college students looking for internships. After many unanswered emails and applications to other companies, I remembered a good friend of mine had a good internship in the previous year which lead to employment at Epic Software Group. So I decided to contact him to see if I could get an internship. To my surprise, I found out they are taking internships every summer! 

However, this internship isn't easy to get. First, there is an interview with the owner of the business, then all intern-candidates have to take an acid-test, and internships are only available to those who successfully complete the acid-test. The acid-test itself is an assignment with a short deadline and the final product is reviewed by the 3D production team. The acid-test good way for the team to know my skill levels and my knowledge with the 3D software. So I would suggest to those interested to first build a solid foundation in popular 3D software, such as 3DS max. 

My love for the creative field has lead me to major in 3D modeling and animation, and as my education near its end, I feel a strong urge to test my skill in the real world. The internship at Epic Software Group provided me with the experience and gave me the knowledge needed to be a 3D artist in the real world. I learned new work flows for different types of projects. For example, different types of projects will have different requirements for poly counts, sometimes it is higher if the model is going to be rendered by the end customer's PC, but other times it needs to be lower so the models could be rendered in a browser. These requirements will dictate how I approach each model and figure out which parts are important and needs most detail. So I can figure out how to budget the poly count and spend it wisely.

I also strengthened my modeling skills and learned different ways to approach modeling objects. Because I always wanted accuracy in my models, I opted to model everything from the object, even things that won't been seen! But that isn't a good way to approach real life 3D modeling work. I always have to keep reminding myself how can I optimize my models, and always be on the lookout for polygons that I can delete, so I could add more meaningful details to the models. 

Team work is also important if I want to be a successful 3D artist, because most likely I will have to work with a team for the most of part of my career until I can afford my own studio. Therefore, it is very important for me to learn to take constructive criticism. Other team members had much more experience in the industry than I do. So I made sure to remember feedback from other members and make any necessary changes to improve my work which will also improve the overall quality of the project. This type of feedback is not available in any textbook!

The surroundings of Epic Software also made my experience more enjoyable. It is located in a small shopping plaza on Sawdust Road and really easy to find, but it is tucked away behind lots of greenery. I was free from unnecessary distractions and it is always very comfortable inside away from the heat of Texas summer.

I am very glad I took this internship and I really enjoyed my short time here at Epic Software Group. It gave me a realistic experience in the industry and gave me valuable knowledge that other students do not have. It was truly a great opportunity.