epic Creative Co-Op - Furnished Office Space Available for Creative Companies

September 1, 2012 - The epic Creative Co-Op was designed to bring creative companies together in a park-like setting just outside The Woodlands. Our goal is to offer a one-stop shop for companies that need the services that our Co-Op tenants provide. This is a unique, fun environment where professionals can immerse themselves in a hi-technology space to network and learn from each other.

It is for this reason we are looking to lease only to other creatives, so if you are an Artist, Animator, Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Writer, Web Developer, or Programmer and need a really special place to work - give us a call. We have three furnished offices for lease centered around a large conference room, kitchenette, outdoor deck, free parking and you control the thermostat. All the offices are pre-wired for hi-speed (fiber optic) internet, have ceiling fans and are available for immediate occupancy.

Prices shown include electric and water utilities. Hi speed internet which is available at $50/month.

The central conference room is open for all to use, as is the 2nd floor wood deck and outdoor picnic area. We do require renter's insurance (we can send you a detailed lease if after you see the space you want to rent it.)  We require your first month's rent and a security deposit, and we always do a credit check prior to signing a lease. Rent includes all utilities.  Minimum Lease term is one year.

Office Sizes:

  • Office 1A & 1B - These two offices are joined together and are available as a single rental. Room size*: 1a = 14' x 11' and 1b = 16' x 11' - $1,000/month •
  • Office 2 - Interior office that includes a large attic storage area 11' x 14' - $500/month •
  • Office 3 - Corner Office - 11' x 14' - $600 month.

(*Note: exact room sizes shown in the floorplan to your right)

If you would like to see the space first hand, just give Vic a call (281-363-3742) and we will set a convenient time to get together.