Construction Work Ends on the epic Creative Co-Op - We Celebrate with an Open House Party

April 20, 2012 - All major construction on the epic Creative Co-Op came to an end this week, and to celebrate we had an open house party. After the studio fire at the end of January, we made a comprehensive punch-list of things we needed to get done on the building before we could call the job complete. Early this week, we checked off the last of the items on that three page list. Yes!

Between Silver Rock Productions, GTIN Services, and Inspectioneering Journal we sent out over 225 invitations and we had between 125-150 people attend the event. We began planning the open house a couple of weeks ago when we met with Luke Redus, Founder of Compassion United Church of Conroe. Their mission is to help people in need through community outreach. They feed hundreds of folks each month including breakfast in the park on Saturday mornings, and through their food pantry. They had a large BBQ rig, tables and chairs, sound equipment and volunteers - which was just what we needed for our event.

Luke cooked up 12 briskets the night before the event, and in spite of a truck that was acting up, showed up early on Friday morning with his crew (his wife Carla, three boys, and volunteer Cody), and got everything set up. The weather - which had been beautiful all week - predicted rain for the afternoon. The skys were overcast and we needed some divine intervention to get us through the lunch hour.

Our guests began arriving at 11:00am, and we started serving lunch at 11:30am. Tours of the new building were ongoing throughout the day. At 12:45pm we unveiled the building monument with the names of those people and companies that were instrumental in helping us build the epic Creative Co-Op. Immediately following the unveiling, Adam Falcon helped Sebastian Andrade apply a decal of his signature to the front of the building.

About 1:30pm the skys turned gray, and the rain began. It continued through most of the afternoon, but our guests continued to arrive, and the rainy weather did not stop anyone from having a great time. Luke packed up his gear and departed just before 7:00pm. It was a wonderful celebration that was a long time coming.

This will be the last official post for the building portion of this project. We have many people and companies to thank who made the project possible. What happens next is still to be decided. We have additional land behind the epic studio that can be developed, and it appears the demand for non-conventional office space is strong in this area. As we figure out what to do next, we hope the epic Creative Co-Op might inspire you to try something a little different in your next project - the world needs more Purple Cows!

PS - During the construction of the studio we did a Panoramic photo (shot in June of 2011) you might enjoy seeing.  Click on the link below, then click on the "Full Screen" tab. Use your mouse to click and drag around the room and your scroll wheel to zoom in and out.  Enjoy!  epic Creative Co-Op Studio During Construction