Major Repairs Made This Week - Framing - Insulation - Electrical

February 22, 2012 - We made a great deal of progress on the repair work over the past 12 days as you will see by the photos in this blog entry. The studio was a beehive of activity as Danny Span and his crew of framers and sheet rockers returned. The crews from Comfortemp returned and insulated the walls and ceilings (thanks for working on Sunday so we could keep our schedule). In addition, Adam, Cliff and Chad took care of the electrical work, carpentry, and steel work that needed to be done.

Fernando returned to replace the HVAC units and run new ducting. During the fire, the ducts acted as conduits and did a great job of spreading the smoke. The air handler took the biggest hit and we had to remove and replace it with a new one.  Adam checked the wiring in the studio and determined it was damaged in the fire. He ran new wire, and took this opportunity to add some soffit lights to the front of the building. They really make the place look great at night.

Since we had to repair the roof area outside the Silver Rock deck, we decided to extend it so rain water would fall beyond deck floor. This should extend the life of the deck, and allow us to add a ceiling fan and light. Last year we were in a drought, and this year we have an excessive amount of rain so we had to adjust construction schedules for the weather.