Wallboard Work Finally Comes to an End! - Texturing, Painting and Finish Work Continue

May 30, 2011 - For the past 4 months we have been hanging wallboard, and this week we hung the final piece. The last major area to be covered was the ceiling in the video production studio. The ceiling is 19 feet high, and a 4' x 8' sheet of 5/8" wallboard weighs right at 100 pounds. Cutting the wallboard to size, lifting it in place, and screwing it to the roof trusses was a job we felt should be left to the pros. We placed an ad in the "Gigs" section of the Houston Craigslist, and were flooded with contractors looking for work. We had over 15 responses in less than 24 hours. Prices for the most part were good, but one company really stood out from the rest.

Jeremy Crow of Crows Construction company replied to our ad by showing up at the job site the morning the ad ran. He walked the site and in the process told Adam how he would handle the job. Since he was the first contractor we met, we were not ready to make a decision. Several other contractors showed up, and when the dust settled, we gave Jeremy the work. His price was competitive (not the lowest), but we liked his attitude and felt confident that he could get the job done safely. But before he could get started, we had some insulation work that had to be completed.

The pitch of the roof on the east side of the studio comes within inches of the ceiling, so the only way to get cellulose insulation in that area is to do it before the Sheetrock is installed. We called back the guys from ComforTemp, and they returned with the materials needed to do the job.  Netting was applied to the studs which would hold the cellulose in place. A special type of Styrofoam air duct was installed between each rafter to insure that the flow of air would not be blocked by the blown in cellulose. Start to finish, this job took about 4 hours to do

The next morning Jeremy and his crew arrived with their 3 tiered scaffold and all the tools needed for the job. Jeremy furnished me with a list of materials, and by the next day they were on the job site ready to go. The first sheet went up at 9:00am on Thursday, and he and his crew put the last of 50 sheets in place on Friday afternoon at 5:00pm. Now that's the way to finish the week.

While Jeremy worked on the big room, our crew turned their attention to finishing the wallboard in the other containers. The rooms that needed taping and floating were finished, then sanded and textured. We then gave the wallboard a coat of primer (we have several other rooms to finish next week), and the rooms are really starting to look good.

One very big job we tackled this week was moving all of the materials out of the big room so Jeremy would have enough room to work. This move took five guys almost 4 hours to do. With the mid-afternoon temperature reaching 97 degrees, the work was exhausting.

We ran another ad on Craigslist late in the week looking for a contractor that could help us with some dirt work around the building. We were again overwhelmed by replies, and are now in the process of making a decision as to who we will use. We need to find a person or company that does not mind working on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend, and has the right equipment to do the job

We have two loft areas for lease in the epic Creative Co-Op, and have talked to several prospective tenants over the past couple of months. While we have received interest from a variety of companies, we are only looking to lease to other creatives. The idea is to build a complex that serves as a "one stop shop" for companies looking for web design, video production, 3D animation, photography, programming, and other creative services. The large studio is drawing quite a bit of attention from local photographers, and they appear to be happy to have this type of facility available for lease in the area.