Painting Prep for Exterior Walls and Interior Electrical Wiring Begins

February 20, 2011 - We finally had a great week of weather, and got a number of things done on both the inside and outside of the epic Creative Co-Op.  The metal frame structure for the outside deck was installed early in the week.  Deck work was also done on the balcony outside the Silver Rock conference room at the east side of containers 3 and 4.  With the decks in place, we can start next week on the ADA ramp and exterior stairs. 

We also commenced work on the electrical lines, switches and power outlets for the project.  As Tony installed the main panel boxes under the stairs, Adam sprayed the ceilings black in all the Silver Rock containers.  Being a video production studio, Silver Rock wants their edit suites and interior rooms dark.  This will keep the reflections down, and reduce eye strain from the monitors. Based on a recommendation from the Behr paint sales rep, we selected a deep black latex enamel paint.  This looks like it was a poor choice.  It has now been five days since the paint was applied, and it still has not fully cured.  We have a call into Behr and will wait to see how they handle the problem.

The reason for painting the ceilings now was so we could install the electrical conduit directly to the ceiling. The contrast of the silver metal conduit and the black ceiling looks great.  Tony and Chad spent most of the week wiring the video production room and the other containers.  They have a way to go, but made a big dent in the electrical work for the project.  One more week and we should have all of the interior electrical in place.

The framer returned to finish up some work, and put in about a half day.  His crew added additional hurricane strapping and installed the knee braces in the east wall of the big room. He finished the day by drilling the sill plates and foundation for the anchor bolts (and burnt out a Dewalt drill in the process). 

We started cleaning the exterior of the containers by using a grinder and wire wheel to remove the rust and loose dirt.  These spots were then spray painted to prevent flash rusting.  We got about half of the containers cleaned and ready for the exterior paint (we have something really special planned for that - so stay tuned!).