Tea Party Tax Day Rally - Sam Houston Park - April 15, 2010

After months of watching government spending that is out of control, followed by dropping off our 2009 taxes at the post office yesterday, I was in the mood to express my frustration with the way our federal government is being run.  And it looks like I had lots of company.  At the Tea Party Rally at Sam Houston Racetrack, thousands of people came out to show their support for the cause.

Specifically the core values of the Tea Party Patriots include: Free Markets, Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Upholding the Constitution.  The folks at the rally were wonderful, and the speakers did a great job of expressing the dissatisfaction felt by many in the crowd with our national politicians and the policies they've introduced.  We have a 12 trillion dollar deficit, spending that is out of control, and the economy is in a mess.

People are fed up, and rallies just like this one held all over the country yesterday gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their opposition.  The speakers at the event included State Senator Dan Patrick, Jim "Mattress Mac" McIngvale, Kevin Jackson, Rick Green along with other local radio station personalities.  The atmosphere was festive, the weather beautiful, and the signs are always fun to read. Click on any of the photos to the right to enlarge and page through the others from the event.