A Peek at the Creation of epic’s New Logo


October 29, 2009 - The new epic logo went through many revisions before we finally settled on what you see at the top of the site today.

The goals of the logo were pretty straight forward.

  • Create a logo using the epic “e” symbol without updating the symbol beyond the point of recognition.
  • Use the company colors (White, Red, Grey)
  • It must be readable at small sizes or from a distance.

After several unsuccessful attempts at incorporating the “e” into the type, (replacing the “e” in “epic” with the symbol) we decided it should remain an emblem. One of these attempts can be seen on the right. (epic looked too much like opic) I liked the idea of encompassing the “e” in another shape and after several tests we chose a square with rounded corners for its uniform look. It seemed like a simple enough way to update it without changing it too much.

I had originally envisioned the box surrounding it as a shifting shape, something that could change into any form during the logo animations for our various personal projects. (For example: Shift into a star, a circle, the silhouette of a hard hat, astronaut, elephant, etc.) Maybe we’ll use that idea in the future.

The word epic was made large, for easy readability, and to serve as the focal point, with “software group” in a smaller font. Most clients just refer to us as “epic” so I decided it should take the most precedent over the other words.

On the top you can see some of the variations and color tests that the design went through before we settled on the final product. This .exe file is an animated version of the logo.

There you have it, the epic logo.