epic Develops Website and Product Videos for Rectorseal

The Woodlands, TX -  February 22, 2007 - The epic software group, a 3D animation and multimedia development company, recently launched a comprehensive new web site and three product videos for Houston based specialty chemical manufacturer, RectorSeal.

This major web project was commissioned to enhance the image of RectorSeal as a leading manufacturer of premium chemical specialty products and unique tools for the construction trades and to make the site more helpful and user-friendly. The new www.rectorseal.com site consolidates more than 175 products and over 400 pages of existing web content. The web site provides easy access to technical, marketing, and application documents, along with video demonstrations of RectorSeal products in actual field use.

epic software group created a powerful web interface designed to allow site visitors to quickly find, sort and download product specifications and safety information. The site also includes reference guides, interactive calculators and tracking tools for customers to see the status of their orders. epic developed a custom content management system that allows non-technical personnel to add, edit or change content without the need to involve a programmer. This will allow the site to remain current and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

epic software group also created three product videos that demonstrate RectorSeal's Golden Pipe Shredder™, Magic Vent™ and HubSett™ plumbing products. Click here to see the videos in the Multimedia section of the Rectorseal site. Included in the videos are 3D animations created by epic software to illustrate how these products work and scenes showing tradesmen using the products in actual field applications.

Mike Goldberg, Marketing Manager and Cathy Moore, Marketing Communications Supervisor for RectorSeal spearheaded the site redesign. The epic software group production team included project manager Robert Bailey, lead programmer Chris Ray, designer Derek Hughes, 3D animator Danny Duhon, cameraman Mike Wham, and producer Vic Cherubini. "The web and video projects were delivered on time and on budget and our teams worked together to create a new online presence we are all proud of," said Goldberg.