NASA Constellation


As NASA begins to bring the Space Shuttle program to a conclusion, the next bold initiative for space exploration will be the Constellation Program.  NASA's Constellation program was designed to directly inherit the legacies of both Apollo and the Space Shuttle.  

Using parts and concepts of these earlier programs, NASA planed to build more dependable and economical craft that will serve as America's access to The International Space Station which will be our means of returning to the Moon, and visiting other worlds for the first time. 

NASA needed a way to communicate information about the Constellation program to a young audience.  NASA decided to do with this a series of HD videos movies, and needed a web site to communicate information about the Constellation program and showcase these awesome videos.


  • epic has been providing NASA with 3D animations for a variety of video presentation and web applications since 2001. epic worked closely with NASA subcontractor Tessada, to create a 15 second Public Service Announcement that features four astronauts walking on the surface of the moon for the Constellation program. 
  • From the success of that PSA, epic was asked to bid on a new web site for the Constellation Program, and was awarded the project early which featured a number of 2D and 3D animations and special effects using video footage provided by 


  • The site was developed under the guidance of NASA sub-contractor Tessada and when demonstrated to NASA personnel it was quickly approved. Check it out for yourself - the website is now is available for viewing at the link below.
  • The site features English sub-titles for the hearing impaired. 
  • The site will be converted into a stand-alone presentation and used for educational purposes at Space Center Houston and other educational venues.


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