My Epic Journey

September 25, 2009 - I came to epic in early June looking for an internship and haven't looked back.  Like most graduating students I was required to complete an internship in order to graduate.  Hearing about the stories and uninspiring experiences from fellow students about their internships I was a little skeptical.  However, shortly after my first week here I knew this was not your typical internship.  

I was lead to epic by my career advisor who recommended me to epic due to its location and the fact that epic hasn't had an Art Institute intern in a long time.  So I jumped at the opportunity presented to me.  At the beginning there was a learning curve that was expected but being at epic that process was easy.  I slowly realized that I am actually doing work that is productive and profitable. I felt like a piece of the puzzle here at epic.  Vic made it clear that an internship at epic is not meant to be "grunt work" but had value to it, was he ever right.

Being at epic hasn't come without its surprises.  Being an artist in a company, I didn't think about the business side of a successful company.  I was not used to thinking with that side of my brain and never considered it until VIc started challenging me to. Now I have a broader perspective of my job and how I can contribute more than just to be an artist.  I don't know if working at another company would have challenged me to think in a new way.

My time at epic led to a part time job and eventually a full time position.  It has been a rewarding and productive experience and I encourage any students out there to not be afraid or reluctant of taking an internship.  They aren't a waste of time and you get from it what you put into it. See it as the first step to your journey and take full advantage of it. You never know what it could lead to.


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