My EPIC Internship - Marta Rippetoe

November 11, 2011 – I started out my internship here at epic like I figured most people would at any other internship, cautious with nothing really to work on or do. Within the first day of my internship that changed. Unlike some interns who go and make copies or get lunch for everyone in the office for the entirety of their internship, I actually worked on meaningful tasks which helped me progress in both work know-how and familiarity with the field I want to pursue later in my life. I loved the work environment at epic, easygoing at times but hard working and focused more often than not.
Honestly, I loved working with the people who are there, everyone was so kind and easy to talk to, I'm glad to say I have made some friends while I was interning. Even though I was not the most experienced person coming into epic, I feel that with the work given to me and the knowledge bestowed to me by my colleagues that I have learned much and grown to understand how things in this industry work. 

I am truly thankful for this opportunity, and I would recommend to anyone who wants a job or internship in animation, or something like it, to look into epic. It was great experience and completely worthwhile. Thank you Vic and everyone I worked with, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed being part of the team. 


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