My epic Internship - Clare Spaulding

August 13, 2012 – I discovered the epic software group towards the end of my senior year of high school while browsing online publications, and was very curious about such a unique, local company. After peeking around their website and viewing examples of the variety of work they do, I decided to apply for an internship as a writer.

I was welcomed with open arms and was immediately given tasks that would test my eye for detail. I worked on the epic website, the company blog, assisted in developing press releases, as well as researched and edited content created for epic clients.

In addition to writing, I also participated in other types of projects. I aided in a photo shoot for Aveda graduates with one of epic’s photographers, who taught me the basics of lighting. epic’s graphic designer showed me how to use Captivate to create learning modules for a client’s new employees. I edited website content for epic and their clients using Expression Engine, with the help of one of epic’s programmers.

My experience with the people at epic exceeded my expectations. Not only did I stretch the skills I already have, but I was able to build on what I already know. I had the opportunity to learn how to use new programs, and apply this knowledge on projects for clients. As a college student trying to fight for a place in the job market, I’m excited to have gained the kind of knowledge that will make me stand out.

I would definitely recommend an internship at the epic software group for anyone interested in gaining real work experience in a creative environment.

-Claire Spaulding

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