Mauricio Ramirez and Ted Washington make a guest appearance at the Aveda photo shoot

February 27, 2013 - Once a quarter the wonderful people at The Aveda Institute bring over their graduating cosmetology students to the epic studio to participate in a fashion photography shoot. These students show up with a model and a storyboard concept.  They work with a photographer whose job it is to bring their ideas to life in still images. Usually epic handles the photography for these shoots in house, but this time we received a little help from the outside.

Our first guest photographer was Mauricio Ramirez. Mauricio is a photographer specializing in corporate, advertising, and editorial portraiture. For more than 20 years he has worked for the most important business magazines, for many multinational companies, and for several public relations and advertising agencies. He has also been part of the MTV Networks staff for over 4 years.

Our second photographer was Ted Washington, a longtime friend and the photographer for The Woodlands Corporation.  Ted is a consummate pro.  His technical background coupled with his knowldege of lighting, composition, and shooting technique made the shoot a lot of fun.  Ted has every piece of photo equipment known to man, and he came to the shoot loaded for bear. Beauty dishes, small but powerful studio strobes, along with his Mac Book ready to review the images right from the camera.   

Usually we split up into two groups and let the models pick between a black or white background. Mauricio and Ted took a different approach, and used the white background with colored gels to dramatically change the look and feel of each model’s photos. Gels are colored filters that can be placed over a light to change the color of a background or counter certain lighting condition. As you can see from the examples, it allowed us to make each session look dramatically different without much effort to set up in between the models.

After we finished off shooting the last model, we gathered all of the ladies together for a group shot. This group shot was going to be a little different though. We decided to set a camera up and do a 3D group panoramic shot. This image would give you control and let you rotate around to see all of the students and their models. Clicking the subject will show a slide show of the shots we have of that model. The results can be seen above.

Thanks again to Mauricio and Ted for spending some of their time here shooting, and for sharing with us some tricks of the trade.

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