Kobelco Compressors America


Kobelco Compressors America, Inc. (KCA), a division of Kobe Steel, Japan, is a global, diversified industrial corporation with annual revenues in excess of $20 billion (USD).  Established in 1905, Kobelco began manufacturing compressors in 1915 and remains Japan’s oldest compressor company. Today, the Company operates worldwide and is a leader in compressor technology, engineering and innovation. Kobelco provides both process gas and standard air compressors. Kobelco is unique in that it provides all three major types of gas compressors: rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal. As a result, Kobelco has the ability to engineer the best possible compressor solution for each application. For customers, the results are optimum performance and lowest overall costs of ownership.

In 2007, Kobelco hired epic to create a new website for KCA, their American division to help promote their comprehensive line of gas compressors. 

Kobelco Compressors America


The products that Kobelco produces are very complex, so epic began the job by creating a series of 3D graphics and animations for the company.  These animations helped explain how Kobelco compressors work, and what makes them so special.  epic used the company's style guide to insure that the logos, colors, fonts and all colleteral materials were created consistent with the corporate guidelines. epic designed and built the website using Expression Engine, Flash, and several other web development tools.

In 2016, Kobelco's parent company, Kobe Steel, returned to epic for a redesign and build of a new site for the compressor division. On the right are several examples of pages from the site. 



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