KHOU Channel 11 (CBS Houston) Rents epic Creative Co-Op for Video Shoot

January 5, 2012 - Ready or not the epic Creative Co-Op hosted its first video production shoot for KHOU Channel 11 (the CBS affiliate here in town) for a commercial this week. Although we still have work to do on the overhead lighting grid, the folks at the station said it was not a problem. When they arrived, I understood why - they came with an over sized truck loaded with all kinds of gear. To say it was impressive would be an understatement!

Chris, the Director of the shoot for KHOU quickly put his crew to work. The electrician checked out the power panel to insure it would be adequate for their lighting (it was, but he made some excellent suggestions which we will implement for the next shoot). The DP (Director of Photography) set up his camera (a Canon 5D), and the grip set up the lights and got the sound curtains placed around the studio. The teleprompter operator got his gear set up, and the script loaded into the computer for the shoot. This was one well oiled team, and I was humbled to watch it all come together so smoothly.

Brian Falcon of Silver Rock went out to get the guys some lunch and came back with plenty of great Texas BBQ. The weather was perfect, so we put the large picnic table to good use. After lunch there was time for some additional equipment tests, and right on cue, the talent (a local attorney) arrived at 3:00pm. We watched the shoot from the 2nd floor conference room, and seeing the studio in action made all the months of work on it worthwhile.

The epic Creative Co-Op studio is really something special. This will hopefully be the first of many studio rentals we host in the years to come. Our job right now is to get the word out that Houston has a brand new first class facility ready for film, video, and photo shoots. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting the rental rates for the studio on our web site, so stay tuned, or call if you need a quote now.



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