Kawasaki Gas Turbines


Over the past 30 years, Kawasaki Gas Turbines has grown to be a primary player in the power generation market. Today, Kawasaki Gas Turbines-Americas, a division of Kawasaki Motors Corp, U.S.A., is a leading manufacturer of small and midsize gas turbine power systems from 1.2 MW to 20 MW. The company enjoys a reputation for making efficient, reliable and low-emissions gas turbine packaged power plants and is respected not only in the U.S.A., but around the world.

The challenge for epic was to help the company create a dynamic new web site, a video to showcase their Gas Turbines, and to shoot custom photography to demonstrate the assembly of their units in their Houston, Texas packaging plant.


  • Each Regional office for Kawasaki Gas Turbines offers a unique design created specifically for that area of the world.  epic software group helped Kawasaki define their look for the North American region, and created a custom web site based on this design. 
  • Kawasaki provided epic with a great deal of sales and technical information in a variety of formats and languages.  epic converted this information into a unified format.
  • The web site includes a powerful Content Management System (CMS) backend that can be easily updated by anyone in the company with basic computer knowledge.
  • The web site allows for several levels of access including access by prospects, customers, agents, web designers and administrators.
  • epic scripted, shot and edited a regional video company overview to demonstrate how Kawasaki's gas turbines are being used for a variety of applications in North America.
  • On-location photography was shot by epic in their offices, trade show booth, and at their field locations.
  • epic created a comprehensive Request For Quotation form that allows a prospective customer to provide detailed information to KGT to get a quotation.
  • Hosting and ongoing maintenance of the site.


  • The site was released to coincide with "Gas Tech" the largest industry trade show.
  • All of the objectives set at the outset of the project were delivered.
  • The site has been expanded to include a Photo Gallery with dozens of installation and manufacturing images available for reference by KGT.
  • e-mail Verification program added to reduce spam from web-bots harvesting email addresses.



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