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Disk-Based Catalogs for Sales & Technical Information

The Woodlands, Texas - July 1, 1991 - Scientists and others in the technical community are faced with making difficult decisions about the use of many complex materials. Choosing the best product for an application is not always easy. The selection process usually involves the use of printed sales literature, past experience, and the advice of trusted vendors. A new tool is being used by technical people to make optimal material selections. Several manufacturers are supplying their sales and technical…

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Sales & Marketing Management - Calling All Catalogs

Sales & Marketing Management - Calling All Catalogs - December 1990 The Paperless Catalog - By Bristol Voss, Associate Editor As an offshoot of the hi-tech revolution, many catalog producers have lately begun experimenting with things like on-line computer ordering, catalogs on diskette, and videotaped "brochures" that either replace or support existing printed materials. On-line ordering, for example, is a function of the current trend toward "stockless inventories" and "just-in-time"…

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Package Brings Catalogs Alive (HBJ Article)

August 20, 1990 - Houston Business Journal EPIC Software Group put a salesman on a disk. The Woodlands-based company develops electronically produced interactive catalogs, tapping computer intelligence to produce multisensory presentations. "Anything printed can be converted to interactive format on a floppy disk and be used to demonstrate a product or service," explains company founder Vic Cherubini. EPIC focuses on the industrial marketplace, says Cherubini. It's his professional…

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