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Creating a Compaq Design

Presentations Magazine - October 2000 - Edited by Julie Hill - Page 15 ...One of epic's recent jobs involved preparing a multiuse trade show presentation for Compaq Computer Corp. To launch its Insight LC software, Compaq wanted to create an interactive product demo to run on kiosks throughout its trade show booth. The demo would appear on a CD-ROM handout with a light version of the software screensaver. The business unit manager needed to use the same demo for a white-paper presentation during…

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epic software Creates Waterway Fly-Through

The Woodlands, Texas - May 12, 2000 - When The Woodlands Operating Company L.P. needed a tool to help prospective tenants, residents and the press understand their vision for the new Waterway project, they didn't need to hire a Hollywood special effects company to get the job done. "We found a company literally down the street that specializes in 3D animation and architectural simulations," said Ted Washington, Manager of Visual Communications for The Woodlands Operating Company. Last…

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Epic Creates Artwork for Boy Scout Holiday Greeting Card

The Woodlands, TX - December 1, 2001 - The Sam Houston Council of the Boy Scouts of America asked the epic software group, inc. to create a 3D animation for use as the Council's annual holiday greeting card, and for the cover art of their quarterly newsletter - "The Scouter". Brian Archimbaud, CFRE and Capital Campaign Director, said - ..."Our scouts, their families and our supporters really enjoyed the work that the artists at epic did for us.  On behalf of everyone at our…

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Children’s Books - Go Hi Tech

The Woodlands, Texas - August 1, 1998 - The world of children's literature may never be the same after August 1, 1998. That is when Houston based Jamsa Press plans to release its first interactive title - Happy and Max - Locked in the Attic. Dr. Kris Jamsa, the founder and President of Jamsa Press explains why - "The Happy and Max series of books features state-of-the-art 3D graphics along with a multimedia CD-ROM that works in a PC, a Mac, or in an audio CD player." "In addition,"…

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