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Upcycling a Shipping Container into a Fireworks Stand

November 12, 2009 - The purpose of this blog entry is to take you through the process of converting a shipping container into a fireworks stand - from concept to creation.  I have included a number of photos to help others who may want to use a container to build a Fireworks Stand, Concession, Storage Unit or similar structure understand the process. You will hear people refer to these steel boxes as cargo containers, intermodal freight containers, but, when they are "upcycled" in…

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Shipping Container Research - Articles, Videos, Etc.

September 24, 2009 - In doing research on container structures, I have come across a number of excellent reference items, Articles, photos, videos, and other things that I wanted to assemble in one spot and share with others. You may want to bookmark this page since it will grow as I find more information for it. Online Articles -Shipping Containers + Milk Crates = Cratehouse - Take two shipping container for the first floor and combine them with hundreds of milk crates for the second…

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U of H School of Architecture - SPACE Container Exhibit

September 11, 2009 - Today I headed over to my alma mater, the University of Houston, but not to the School of Business (class of '87 - Go Coogs), but to the School of Architecture.  I spoke this morning with Professor Tom Diehl, a Registered Architect and instructor who helped me out years ago with concepts on how best to utilize our land (we have 4 acres, but the property has an odd long and narrow shape).  In 2005, Tom had his class visit our studio, and walk the land. …

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A Change In Direction - Using Cargo Containers for the New Building

August 28, 2009 - Try as we could, we just couldn't get excited about the design of the new building. It was clear we needed to go in a different direction - something that would get the juices flowing. We looked at a number of non-traditional buildings, and kept coming back to shipping container structures.  Could the containers be configured in a way that gave us a large green screen studio, and also allowed for additional space we could lease to other creative companies?  We took…

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epic Announces Plans to Build Our New Green Screen Studio

 August 24, 2009 - one online trend that is indisputable is the explosion in the use of video for all kinds of applications. While there is a lot of junk on the web, there is also a great deal of work that is well crafted and perfect for narrowcasting on the small screen.  At epic, we are part of the growing number of web developers who understand the importance of the medium, and we try our best (if possible) to make sure it is a part of every site we build. In the past, we rented…

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