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Foundation Framing and Cement Pour - Day 2 - Container Floors

December 10, 2010 - With the plumbing placed properly in the foundation, we were ready to make the second pour. This concrete would be under the containers. We had several discussions as to whether we should even put concrete here (since the beams and footings would actually lend support to the structure. In the end, we made the decision to make the pour and did it the morning of December 10th. We needed two full trucks, plus about a yard of concrete from a third truck. The weather was perfect for…

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Ground Plumbing - Installing the Water and Wastewater Piping Systems

December 9, 2010 - Before we could pour the second part of the foundation, the piping systems would need to be installed for both the water and waste water systems. We received two bids and went with the Triton Plumbing based on the recommendation from our contractor. Triton's bid was itemized and comprised of prices for a ground system, and prices for the plumbing work needed for the finished system.  The Triton Plumbing crew arrived late in the afternoon with a trencher and the materials…

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Foundation Framing and Cement Pour - Day 1 - Studio Floor

December 8, 2010 - Yesterday afternoon was beautiful and the foundation crew set the forms for the green screen room. They completed their work on leveling the ground, and put the yellow plastic vapor barrier in place.  Next, they shook out the re bar, and tied it together.  They set the re bar on plastic "chairs" to keep it centered. Overnight it rained and the weather turned cold.  The early morning skys were overcast and it looked like it could start raining any minute.…

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Setting the Piles, Beams and Foundation Forms

December 7, 2010 - Over the past week, Mr. Brooks and his crew completed their dirt work on the site; then turned their attention to drilling the piles, setting the beams, and building the foundation walls. Besides a few clouds now and then, the weather has been near perfect. To say it is important to get the foundation right is a bit of an understatement. An error at this stage can cascade into all kinds of rework and additional costs later. This is the time to check and recheck all drawings. Work…

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Foundation Prep and Dirt Work Begin on the epic Creative Co-Op

November 24, 2010 - Over the past few days, Mr. Brooks completed most of the dirt work on the pad site with the help of his Ford (New Holland) 60hp tractor with 8' box blade.  The tractor is 11 years old, but you would not know it by looking a it.  He also has a ten year old Bob-Cat Skid loader with tracks that look new as well.  "No one but me uses any of my equipment" he said "and that's why they look like they do". The north part of the pad where the…

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