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R-Panel Roof Installation Begins

March 20, 2011 - Work began last week on the installation of the R-Panels for the roof. The industry trade name is "Galvalume" and they should provide us with years of service.  We purchased the materials along with all of the fasteners, flashing and trim from Triple S Steel. We had the panels cut to 27 and 28 feet in length so we would only have one overlap per panel.  The overlap on the panels were 12 inches, and under each panel is a strip of butyl rubber mastic tape placed…

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Siding and Deck Safety Rails Completed - Exterior Painting Work Begins

March 14, 2011 -This week we got the siding on the roof done, got the safety rails welded in place, and began the exterior painting.  It is wonderful to begin to do some of the "finish" work on the project.  Danny Spann (our Framer) came back to tackle the siding this week, and the R-panel roof (which is now on order) will be done next week.  He and his crew started by building some temporary scaffolding which they walk around like they were on the ground. We chose Hardi…

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Interior Plumbing, Electrical, Sheetrock and Siding Work Begins

March 4, 2011 - We just had a great week and in this blog entry we will provide some details about the interior plumbing, electrical, sheet rock, and exterior siding work that was done.  With some jobs - like electrical for example - a lot of work goes into it, but the actual job site does not change much.  With others - like welding, sheet rock, and siding, when new work is done you can really see a difference in the way the building looks.  Even though they are hidden behind the…

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Painting Prep for Exterior Walls and Interior Electrical Wiring Begins

February 20, 2011 - We finally had a great week of weather, and got a number of things done on both the inside and outside of the epic Creative Co-Op.  The metal frame structure for the outside deck was installed early in the week.  Deck work was also done on the balcony outside the Silver Rock conference room at the east side of containers 3 and 4.  With the decks in place, we can start next week on the ADA ramp and exterior stairs.  We also commenced work on the electrical lines,…

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Epic Channel 11 News Interview

February 11, 2011 – The Woodlands, Texas – The local CBS affiliate station – Channel 11 News – visited the epic Creative Co-Op and did a story on the project which was aired on the 5:00pm news in Houston today. Brad Woodard, a reporter for the station interviewed Vic Cherubini, President of epic software along with Mike Huffine, who is a future tenant of the building. “Our project is beginning to attract quite a bit of media attention,” said Cherubini. “People…

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