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epic Creative Co-Op Now Has Electric Service - At a Great Price!

May 27, 2011 - This week Centerpoint returned to our job site and approved the changes we made to the main electrical service boxes we built for the new building. The installation of the three electric meters took just over an hour to do. We had been using power from the temporary electric pole we set up back in February. Every morning we would have to drag out 100' of heavy electrical wire and literally plug it into an outlet on the pole for power. When the Centerpoint electrician flipped…

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Interior Walls Textured, Work Continues on ADA Ramp, Lighting and Aluminum Panels

May 20, 2011 - With most of the Sheetrock up and floated (by the way, the difference between Sheetrock and wallboard, is Sheetrock is a brand name and wallboard is the generic term), we turned our attention to texturing the walls. Some contractors use wallboard mud for texturing, while others buy a special texture mix and blend water with the white gypsum powder in the bag.  We decided to mix our own. We purchased an inexpensive texture gun and hopper from Harbor Freight (on sale for under $20),…

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AC Units Installed - Kitchen Cabinets Installed - Wallboard and Electrical Work Continue

May 15, 2011 - The big news this week was the installation of the two, 5 ton AC units on the roof of the building, and getting started on the kitchen in the Silver Rock unit. We also got all of the wallboard installed (except for the ceiling in the video production room), and second layer of mud on the walls that were taped and floated last week. We picked up a load of steel for the ADA ramp and got a close out inventory of Italian ceramic tile delivered to the epic Creative Co-Op at a great price.…

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Work Continues on Sheetrocking, Electrical, and a New Balcony is Added

May 8, 2011 - This week we got much of the wallboard up, and by Friday we are about 20 sheets short of having all the walls done. We still have our work cut out with the most demanding wallboard job ahead of us - the ceiling of the video production room. We will have to rent a scissors lift to safely get the 50 or so 4' x 8' sheets of 5/8 inch wallboard affixed to the ceiling. Each sheet weighs over 70 pounds. Once the ceiling is in place, we can have ComforTemp back to blow in the insulation…

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Insulating and Wallboarding the Video Production Studio

May 1, 2011 -This week the crew from ComforTemp returned and finished blowing cellulose insulation into all the walls of the studio. They will be back next week to add cellulose to the attic (as soon as we get the ceiling up in the video production studio). We also got most of the wallboard up on all the container walls. Most walls have been taped and floated at least once, but a second layer will be added next week.  We also got started on installing wallboard in the video production studio.…

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