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Painting - Deck Work -Cyc Wall and Landscaping

September 5, 2011 - With the record high temperatures through the month of August behind us (30 out of 31 days over 100 degrees F), the first week of September continued with much of the same. The good news was by the end of the week a cool front has (finally) broken through a stalled high that has made working outdoors miserable for most of the summer.  The work remaining on the building is now mainly decorative. This week we got most of the Cyc wall built, taped, floated and painted. Yesterday,…

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Cyclorama (Cyc) Wall Construction Continues - Landscaping - Garage Addition Added

August 28, 2011 - When the thermometer hit 109 degrees Fahrenheit, and the newscaster said "...we have just tied the highest temperature ever recorded in Houston", we knew it was time to call it a day. Fortunately, when the temperatures gets too hot to work outside, we have enough work to do inside to keep busy. And this week (like the last couple of weeks) the workers came in an hour early and left early as well in an attempt to beat the heat. Even so, we got the outside stairs installed,…

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epic Creative Co-Op Receives ADA Approval - Exterior Aluminum Composite Panel Work Continues

August 21, 2011- The record for consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for Houston was set in 1980 at 21. Yesterday, we broke that record, and this has been a summer we won't soon forget. Our building workers continued to install the Aluminum Composite Panels on the roof walls 20-30 feet in the air with temperatures sometimes as high as 105 degrees, and little or no wind.  The good news is the last of the roof panels went up on Tuesday, so another big job is checked off the…

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Decorative Roof Panels Go Up - Silver Rock Moves In - Work Continues on ADA Ramp

August 14, 2011 - We made great progress this week on the last remaining major job on the project - the installation of the Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels. We also worked on adding some side walls to the ADA ramp, installing the metal handrails, and sealing the plywood decks. Silver Rock Productions moved in, and even did a video shoot in the studio which still looks more like a workshop than a production studio. The heat also made news this week as well. The record for Houston for…

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Work Begins on Exterior Aluminum Panels - ADA Ramp Walls, and Interior Trim

August 5, 2011 - Our awesome news this week came with the return of the Montgomery County Fire Marshal and his follow-up inspection of the building. His second visit took only ten minutes and we passed with flying colors! We had five items to complete (exit signage, installing six automatic door closers, Knox box keys, weather sealing the studio doors, and installing several outlet cover plates), and all were made to his satisfaction. We now have a Certificate of Completion, and with it, our tenant,…

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