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Profiling the Edge of a (Man-Made) Granite Countertop - Toolocity Makes It Easy!

January 30, 2012 - After a restless night of sleep, we arrived back at the building early on Saturday to survey the damage in the light of day. Blackmon Mooring worked until midnight, and their crew of 20-25 workers did an excellent job of removing much of the wet and damaged insulation. But much like an iceberg, the actual damage turned out to be much greater than what we first surveyed that morning. The fireman had used a great deal of water and foam in the attic, and we determined that all the…

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The Cleanup Work Begins - Days 2 and 3 - Gut, Remove Clean and Dehumidify

January 29, 2011 -On Saturday morning the cleaning crews from Blackmon Mooring arrived in mass. At times there were at least 25 people working on all areas of the building. The company was also hired by Silver Rock Productions to clean their offices (first and second floor). They did a really good job by removing the small objects and cleaning them by hand. The walls and furniture were cleaned and the rugs shampooed. The air ducts were also cleaned.  They also have an technician who…

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epic Creative Co-Op Suffers a Fire in the Studio - Everyone is OK, but the Studio is a Mess.

January 27, 2012 - Tough day today. We had a fire in the epic Creative Co-Op. The good news is no one was hurt, but the studio portion of the building suffered extensive damage.  The day started off fine, but at 8:45am, Mike Huffine of Silver Rock Productions arrived and saw smoke coming out of the back of the building. He entered and realized the smoke was indeed from a fire inside the studio. He immediately came to my office, called 911 and he and I went out to see what we could…

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Lighting Grid Work Continues - Grid Travels From Floor To Ceiling in 2 Minutes!

January 20, 2012 - For the past two weeks we have been working on the lighting grid in the studio. This is a precision job with lots of moving parts (literally). Adam and Cliff began by fabricating the individual trusses they built in late December. Metal elbows and tees were welded in place. 3 inch heavy duty utility straps were affixed to turnbuckles connected to metal bars running across ceiling joists in the attic. These joists were engineered to take the weight of the grid (right now about 1000…

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Building the Overhead Studio Lighting Grid - Installing Gutters and Downspouts

January 2,2012 - Happy New Year! It is really amazing that a year ago we had just finished setting the 11 cargo containers, and today we are down to just a short punch-list of items remaining to get the building finished. Over the past couple of weeks we got the rest of the trim done, and turned our attention to installing gutters and downspouts and building the lighting grid for the studio. The Aluminum Composite Panels from Mitsubishi and Grupo Daissa made a great deal of difference to the building.…

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