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2009 Texas Renaissance Festival - Nikon D5000 Photo Shoot

November 28, 2009 – When the Nikon D5000 debuted last summer it looked like the perfect camera for me. It has the image processor of a D300, along with a 2.7” title/swivel LCD screen. The fact that video can be recorded at 720p, it allows for interchangeable lenses and can shoot at 4 frames per second were just icing on the cake. Since I like to shoot both low down and high over head, I have come to rely heavily on the tilt screen in my Panasonic FZ50. So I felt the D5000 (on paper anyway)…

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Dallas Shooting Supplies – Photo Shoot

November 24, 2009 – Dallas Shooting Supplies is a relatively new web based shooting supply company. The company is owned by Morgan Richie and Vic Cherubini Jr. who both have a passion about rifles and weaponry. Vic was coming home for the holidays, so I asked him to bring some of his guns so we could do a photo shoot. I had not seriously photographed weapons before, so in preparation of the shoot, I spent a couple of hours scouring the web for ideas on composition, lighting, and tips on…

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U of H School of Architecture - SPACE Container Exhibit

September 11, 2009 - Today I headed over to my alma mater, the University of Houston, but not to the School of Business (class of '87 - Go Coogs), but to the School of Architecture.  I spoke this morning with Professor Tom Diehl, a Registered Architect and instructor who helped me out years ago with concepts on how best to utilize our land (we have 4 acres, but the property has an odd long and narrow shape).  In 2005, Tom had his class visit our studio, and walk the land. …

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Shots of Opportunity - Cook Compression Photo Shoot

September 9, 2009 - Usually when we get a call to do a photo shoot at a client's location, we get a shot list of images that are needed specifically for a web site, brochure, trade show, etc.  So when we got a call from Tim Wold, president of Wold Marketing (a B-2-B Ad Agency in Conroe, Texas) we were surprised to learn there would be no shot list for this particular shoot. Wold's client, Cook Compression, had recently acquired Mechanical Field Services LP (MFS), and Cook needed some…

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Sucker Rod Photo Shoot - TRC Services

August 14, 2009 -  at epic any excuse to get a new piece of photo gear is good enough for us, so when a new client asked us to help with an animation showing the shot peening process on their reconditioned Sucker Rods - we invested in a 4" 0 Photo Softbox Lighting Tent. It was the first time we used this piece of equipment, and we were very pleased with the results.  So here is the back story to the product photos shown here.  We also did some 3D modeling of the metal rod which…

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