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Photogrammetry, according to Wikipedia is the science of making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. The input to photogrammetry are photographs, and the output is typically a map, a drawing, a measurement, or a 3D model of some real-world object or scene. Many of the maps we use today are created with photogrammetry and photographs taken from aircraft. Photogrammetry can be classified several ways, but one standard method is to split the…

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ASMP Workshop for Photographer’s Assistants

May 24, 2017 - Photographer’s rely on their assistants like surgeons rely on support staff in an operating room. When communication is smooth they work well together and the shoot goes off without a hitch. The results are great and their clients are happy with the photos. The job of the assistant is to make the photographer’s life easier. They do this by setting up and keeping an eye on the gear and helping to solve problems on the set as they arise. While most photo…

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How to Photograph A Large Group of People - The AVPG Shoot

August 23, 2013 – Group photography can be one of the simplest types of photography to shoot, but creating a great group shot can be quite challenging. Photos of groups get taken every second across the world, by amateurs and professionals alike; it’s a very popular type of photography. People love to be in group photos, and they love to see the results afterwards and share them with their friends and family However, the photographer’s job isn’t as easy as you would think…

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Photo Shoot In the Eagle Ford Shale Area - Boomtown in Southeast Texas

March 28, 2013 - There is a boom going on in an area of the oil patch known as the Eagle Ford Shale - comprised of 20 counties just south of San Antonio, Texas. We have seen a substantial increase in work at epic because of this boom, and earlier this week I had a chance to go and see it firsthand. I was sent on assignment to photograph a mobile water testing lab on a working drill site about 30 miles east of Cotulla, Texas. While you might think that is the middle of nowhere, you couldn't tell…

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Mauricio Ramirez and Ted Washington make a guest appearance at the Aveda photo shoot

February 27, 2013 - Once a quarter the wonderful people at The Aveda Institute bring over their graduating cosmetology students to the epic studio to participate in a fashion photography shoot. These students show up with a model and a storyboard concept.  They work with a photographer whose job it is to bring their ideas to life in still images. Usually epic handles the photography for these shoots in house, but this time we received a little help from the outside. Our first guest photographer…

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