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Use an Advergame to Build Your Brand - Part 2 of 2

November 12, 2009,   In the first part of this blog post;I talked about the branding components of an Advergame. In part 2, we will discuss what makes for a great Computer Game, and in turn a great Advergame.   Think back to time when you first discovered video games – the thrill and excitement of actually interacting with some element on the screen was enthralling. Now, stop and think about your favorite video game. What made it so special? Was it the graphics, the…

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Use an Advergame to Build Your Brand - Part 1 of 2

November 11, 2009 - If you are looking for a way to build your brand, and at the same time make your site more "sticky", you should consider developing an Advergame. What exactly is an Advergame? Simply put, "An Advergame uses interactive gaming technology to deliver embedded advertising messages to consumers". These games incorporate the company brand or product as a key element in the game. And, unlike a "product placement" in a movie (where you may only see the brand…

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A Peek at the Creation of epic’s New Logo

  October 29, 2009 - The new epic logo went through many revisions before we finally settled on what you see at the top of the site today. The goals of the logo were pretty straight forward. Create a logo using the epic “e” symbol without updating the symbol beyond the point of recognition. Use the company colors (White, Red, Grey) It must be readable at small sizes or from a distance. After several unsuccessful attempts at incorporating the “e” into the type, (replacing…

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epic Brings “Summer Chills” Poster to Life

The Woodlands, TX - June 15, 2009  - The Alley Theater challenged the epic software group to take their famous "Summer Chills" illustration and bring it to life in a 15 second commercial to announce their Summer 2009 production of "Sherlock Holmes and The Crucifer of Blood". This exotic and thrilling mystery is driven by greed, deceit and murder. epic set out to bring each of these elements into play in the commercial. epic began by creating a 3D version of the Fortune…

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Realtor Offers Video Tour to Showcase Area Home

The Woodlands, TX - May 30, 2009  - Woodlands real estate agent Michael Zabrycki is pioneering the use of online video tours to offer a new level of service to his prospective home buyers and sellers. Real estate video tours allow the user to view a full video tour of the property along with an audio voice narration by the broker. These videos feature high quality sales information and carefully crafted scripts with beautiful imagery. Live motion video provides the viewer with an understanding…

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